The Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail is a series of educational computer games. The first game was originally developed by Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger in 1971 and produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) in 1974.  Game involves choosing an option number by typing that number at the prompt, then watching as the wagon moves along the trail. This a map overview you can view as one of the options which shows the trail, key stops, and the player’s progress. There are cut scenes at the stops and for river crossings.  There is also a screen where the player aims their gun to shoot moving animals to gather food.

One of the early classic video games, while I tried really hard to die of dysentery, I never could. Everyone else in the party drowned in a river crossing even though I’d caulked the wagon. This left me all alone, and going a bit crazy. EVERY time I played it I either had all my oxen stolen, drowned, or THEY died of dysentery. And thus I would be stranded somewhere on the Oregon Trail. It’s a fun game for the limited options and game play, and I found I had a hard time hitting the broad side of a buffalo.

This is easy, we’re going to make it to Oregon, kids (Part 1 above)!

One week later everyone except me drowns in a river crossing (Part 2 at about 7 minutes in).

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